Inner Portrait – True Self

Posted: 26th November 2012 by desfel in Uncategorized
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I know that I’m hiding my feelings behind a mask

Mean words to hide my kindness and me being embarrassed

I fear the conclusion that it may bring

I want to be honest, I want to show you how sincere I am

Soon, I know that I’ll become transparent, easy to read

Yet, I don’t want you to figure it out, I want to tell you

Yet, your words, whether testing me or putting a wall on me
Blocks my path everytime I try to push myself foward

It’s halting me, yet I keep on hoping for the best
I keep giving my all, yet I can’t shatter the outer shell

Although,  I am so conflicted with my inner self
Although I am so conflicted with my outer self

There’s one thing that we have in common
That will keep us linked together
That is…  our true feelings for you.