Café Seaside (EN)

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*Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep*

“Mhm… Ah… Me…at…Mi…Fa…Sol… »

*Beep, beep, beep*

Awaken, well still half-asleep actually, by the screeching sound of the alarm clock, I slowly take my right hand out of my blanket and try to find that darn thing…

*Beep, beep, beep*

I slowly moved my hand around here and there, but I just can’t seem to put my hand on that infernal alarm clock that’s trying to make me go crazy. After a few seconds of frantic search, I was finally able to put my hand on something that felt quite big and rectangular. I tried to find the button that would shut this thing up.

*Beep, beep, bee—*

Frustrated and having finally found the button that I was looking for, I pressed it with all of my morning anger.

“Agh… Would you shut up already?! “

Like it was scared of my anger, the beast ceased it’s screaming. Still dazed by the brutal wake up, I decided to take a moment before getting up.

I open up the curtains while sighing; the sunlight came in and gave life to my room that was all dark until now. It’s a beautiful weather today.

Now fully awake, I look at the time:

“Hm… 7:15… Heh… Gotta get to school…”

With lightning speed, I brushed my teeth, washed my face and put my clothes on. I gathered all of my notebooks and put them in my school bag.

“Ah, I should not forget my student ID.”

I walk towards my desk and picked up my card that was right next to my other notebooks.

Felix Dunois, student at Elise College, 2nd year. My name, my school and the year I’m in, all the information needed to identify the student. A picture of me was printed next to this information. A young student with short black hair, brown eyes and your average looking face.

“Well, I have everything now, hopefully…”


“Heyyyy!! Felix!!”

As I was walking peacefully, a familiar voice came screaming from behind me. I turned myself around and I saw a young girl with long brown colored hair running towards me. It was Stephanie, one of my best friends. Actually, she’s my childhood friend. I watched her as she’s coming closer and closer, she’s still as slow as ever!

When she finally caught up to me, she told me to wait a moment so she could regain her breath. When she finally rested enough, she lifted her head and showed me a bright smile, but then frowned immediately and I could see in her green eyes that she was somehow irritated:

“I told you this morning to wait for me!! And here you are, way ahead of me! You’re really an—“

“An idiot? A meanie? Unfair? A villain?”

Frustrated that I interrupted her, she pouted and turned away.

“Well I forgot, I’m really sorry…”

“Hmph! It’s alright for this time around, but next time, you’ll pay my lunch!”

Before I could even give her my opinions and happy with her reply, she ran ahead of me and told me to hurry up. I sighed and caught up with her and kept walking with her to school.


Like usual, classes were long and horrible. When the bell rang, the students hurried up to leave the classroom like it was haunted or cursed. As I was about to put my notebooks into my school bag, a young man who was almost as tall as me appeared before me:

“Felix! You’re free after school right?”

It was Antonio, one of my classmates; well he’s actually one of the few that I talk to. He stared at me with his brown eyes like he was expecting me to say something…

“Well… It depends…”

Like he already knew I’d give him that answer, he immediately tells me:

“I know that you love quiet place, don’t ya?”

“Uh… Yeah…? Why?”

“Well, I know of this really nice place! It’s a café, the people there are really nice and the waitresses are incredibly cute! Want to go check it out?”

Coming from him, it kind of surprises me, he, who’d always be so silent and calm. Like he said, I have always loved quiet places and cafés are really the place to look for a peaceful ambiance. Tempted by the idea, I don’t know why I’d refuse.

“Hum… Yeah, why not?”

“Yes for the girls or for the café?”

I didn’t expect him to ask me that:

“Huh? The café of course, why would you speak of girls?”

“Felix, Felix, Felix, I think it’s about time you found yourself a girlfriend no?”

“No…? I mean… I don’t know, not really.”

Like my words offended him, he scratched his black wavy hair and sighed. Then I thought Stephanie would want to come.

“I’ll see if Steph wants to come.”

“I’m busy; you guys can go without me!”

A girl’s voice echoed in the almost empty classroom, actually, there’s just me, Antonio and now, Steph, who just appeared.

“Speaking of the devil, there she is.”

“I have to help out a friend with her homework; you can go without me, thanks for thinking about inviting me Felix!”

“I didn’t want to argue with you for nothing again.”



The café wasn’t that far from school, it took us about 10 minutes by foot. The place wasn’t that huge and since the outside was all made out of wood, it looked like a chalet. It was quite nice. The name of the café was written on a huge sign above the door.


Seaside… What? It’s not even near anything that would look like a seaside!

“Hey… Why is it named Seaside? It’s right in the middle of a city you know…”

Antonio was just as confused as me and after a few minutes of thinking, he gave me his theory.

“Well, I heard that the owner really loves the sea and the ocean, it might be because of that? Although, the menu doesn’t have anything related to seafood… And there are only desserts… I don’t really know…”

Weird… This place is weird… Despite our doubts, we went in anyways. The inside was just as amazing as the outside, it was almost all made of wood, really almost like a chalet… Surprisingly, there were a lot of people… Without even letting us the time to observe the place any further, a waitress came to us immediately. A few moments later, we were at our table, menu in hand.

I talked about the menu with Antonio. The menu had all sorts of coffee: milk coffee, espresso, mocha, cappuccino, etc. There were even all sorts of tea. But the most surprising of all was the sheer number of desserts they had… While we were lost within the long list of desserts, a waitress came to wait us.

“Hello good sirs, I will be your waitress today! My name’s Anna!”

I lifted my head when I heard her soft voice and saw a small lady with long chestnut colored hair. I don’t know why, but I started to chuckle. I think her height surprised me.

“What’s funny? Am I doing my job wrong?”

“Haha… No no, I’m really sorry! But I didn’t think I’d see such a small waitress!”

“Hey! I’m still 5 feet tall, 5 feet! It’s not like I’m a dwarf!!”

“Hahahaha, I’m really sorry, really!”

“It’s not nice to laugh at someone’s height Felix.”

Antonio scowled at me too.

“Your name’s Felix right? Noted!”

I was surprised at what she just said.

“Huh? What for?”

She gave me a sly smile and tells me

“Oh nothing nothing! So, what would like to order?”

I was troubled by her smile, but I paid no heed and ordered a cappuccino while Antonio ordered apple pie. She took our order and left with a smile.

Antonio looked at me and started teasing me.

“So mister is already teasing the waitress huh?”

Annoyed by what he just said, I replied:

“No!! I did not tease her! Really!”

“Well? She’s interesting right?”

“I don’t know… She was… special…”

“Oh?? Special? Haha!”

“Do not take it the wrong way. I meant special in the bad meaning of the word. Actually, I don’t know, it’s true that we had a good laugh.”

“A good laugh out of what? My height?”

Surprised by Anna’s sudden presence, I had a hard time to calm down.

“Ah no! No!! I meant laughing with you!”


“I swear.”

She smiled at me and gave me my cappuccino and the pie to Antonio. When I thought she’d leave us, she pulled out a chair, sat with us and stared at me with her blue eyes. I was really surprised at what she just did…

“Uh… Can we help you??”

She laughed and replied with a smile:

“No no, I just wanted to stay and talk with you guys!”

I thought her reply was really weird. I drank my cappuccino and on the first gulp, the taste was weird… It was really bitter and strong, stronger than how a cappuccino should taste!! I had a hard time swallowing it!! Anna looked at me with a sly yet soft smile. I put my cup down and asked her:

“This… You put your hateful poison in this cappuccino right?”

“Hateful and poison are big words, but yep hihi!”

“And is that why you stayed with us? To see me drink this… thing?”

“No no, I really wanted to talk with you guys, you look interesting!”

I turned my head towards Antonio, he gave me a wink and he kept on eating his pie. I sighed; I thought he’d helped me out in this situation… I turned back towards Anna.

Surprisingly, we had a good time. Anna was surprised that I was able to finish my coffee. Impressed, she offered me the coffee and we left the café.


“So, did you like the café?”

Asked Antonio while walking home.

“Yeah… It wasn’t bad, the ambiance was cool, but that waitress wasn’t nice, even though she offered me the coffee.”

I still had the awful bitter taste in my mouth. I shouldn’t have drunk all of it…

“I saw how much you had fun with her! Interested?”

“No, not really, but I really had fun. I don’t mind seeing her again; I owe her for that coffee!”

“So it’s decided, we’ll be going back again soon!”

We both laughed and I realised that I was already eager to return to that weird place.