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Is it drawing Sunday yet? I’m starting to see a trend here. Today I hereby present you Furukawa Nagisa and Okasaki Tomoya, holding hands. I must say that I’m not original at all, like most people, I’m terrible at drawing hands so it feels awkward. I’m not making this post to make an anime review [...]

Tachibana Kanade

Posted: 9th October 2011 by yanenrogne in Illustrations

Today, I felt like sharing one of my drawings. I’ve been starting to draw last year but I don’t draw often because I’m not really good at it, but I like drawing! Anyways, here’s a scan of my first good attempt at it, I’ve been drawing with a model, that’s why it looks so good! [...]

Pixel Art – Sanae Kochiya

Posted: 4th October 2011 by desfel in Illustrations
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Like I said in my intro post, I’ll be posting some of my artworks on the blog. To start it off, I’ve decided to post a pixel art render of Sanae Kochiya from the Touhou series. I used Photoshop to draw her and this is my first pixel art attempt at it, so I had [...]