Letter of a Lonely Man pt2

Posted: 26th April 2013 by desfel in Uncategorized
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This entry is part 3 of 6 in the series Deadmen Letters

My feelings won’t change and disappear until the day I would be able to hold you in my arms…

Once again, I’ve found myself resting upon the same tree
Breathing and feeling the same air like last time I was up here
Once again, I feel the need to write another letter
Once more, this is not about my worries or troubles
Onem more, this letter is about you…

Months have passed since I’ve wrote my last letter
And not one day have you left my mind at peace
You’ve been running around in my memories and my thoughts so much
That one would feel sorry for you and wonder if you’ve gotten tired…

As days gone by, slowly and peacefully
I’ve came to notice that nothing has changed since you left
Everything’s just the same aside from the seasons’ nature course of action
Everything’s just like before you left, it almost feels like this place…
This town where we shared laughters and smiles together…
Miss you as much as I yearn to see you once more.

Every place that we’ve shared a moment together
Even the small things… Would remind me of you.
Those places keep reminding me of how happy I was having you by my side
Whether we were alone or surrounded by strangers or friends
I still enjoyed everything single second of it,
As long as you were there by my side

Those places will forever remember, the happiness that we both shared
Whether it be mine or yours.

Things you’ve left behind, albeit small
Reminds me of the sweat and tears that you’ve poured
In order to be able to leave us
Things that would make us proud of you
Things that would make us appreciate you
Things that would make us miss you…

Even though you’ve left so many memories behind…
Even though this town has so many memories of us…
I’m steadily and slowly losing my memories of you…
Your voice, your laughters, your kindness, your warmth,
Your teasing, your cheerfulness, your brightfulness, your everything…

But… This lonely man can promise you two things…
The first one being that I will never ever forgot your bright smiling face
That would always cheer me up whenever I was down on luck
That smile that would make my heart skip so many beats
That smile that I’m missing so much…

And the second thing… Being that my feelings for you won’t waver
They won’t change and disappear until the day I would be able to hold you in my arms…

I’m just writing this letter… Waiting patiently for that day
Where I’ll be able to finally stop relying on my memories,
See your warm and bright smile upfront
And forget my loneliness.

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