Letter of a Yearning Man

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This entry is part 5 of 6 in the series Deadmen Letters

I… Truly love you…

People constantly yearn for warmth and joy
They constantly long for happiness and love
But do we even know what love is?
Do we even know what we’re actually yearning for?

Is love the feeling where we are in constant need of having someone besides us?
Is it the feeling of being able to do more than what friends can normally do?
I… like any others, have been in a constant search for it’s meaning
I’ve ventured high and low so I can one day reach the answer

I’ve gone so far and been sidetracked so many times
Yet, not one of them ever brought me close to any hints
Yet, not one of them brought me nothing more than wasted times
That is, until the day I met you…

Little have I known, that moments passed with you
Would have brought me this close to the answer
Letting days pass by without even heeding to my quest
You’ve brought me so much joy and laughters

Taking for granted what we had, I forgot what I set out for
With your warmth envelopping me, I decided to settle down
And enjoy every moment that I could spend with you
Little have I known, that the answer was so close…

That is, until the day you left…
Not one day have my mind painted your smile
Not one day have my hearing played your laughters
Not one day have my feelings felt your warmth

One day, I was reminded by a fellow scholar
“What is love? Did you find your answer?”
Stricken by those words and reminding me of my loss of you
I slowly gathered my thoughts, calmly smiled and bearing my heart, told him

“Love is when you feel and yearn for the warmth of the person you hold so dear
Love is when you hear and long for the laughters of that very person
Love is when you’ve burned and want to see their smile once more
But most importantly…”

Before I could even finish telling him what I hold so dear in my research
I remembered how much I loved sharing my pains and joys with you
I remembered how much I loved teasing and arguing with you
I remembered how much… Yes… I remembered how much…

“But most importantly… Love is when you’re able to let go
Let go of every shackles your heart posseses
Share your burdens and reliefs
So you can laugh and cry with your dearest”

Yes… That is the answer you’ve helped me find…
Aah… I yearn to meet you once more my dear…
So I can tell you that I… Truly love you…

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