Melody of Fate

Posted: 13th March 2013 by desfel in Uncategorized
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A song... Our song of a promised happiness

A song… Our song of a promised happiness

The first note, sounding like a newborn, is for the day we met
The second note, ringing with signs of laughter, is for the times we had fun together
The third note, echoing with happiness, is for when we became closer
The fourth note, harmonizing with love, is for when we got together
The fifth note, reverberating with confusion, is for when we distanced ourselves
The sixth note, chiming with sadness, is for the day we were alone
The seventh note… hesitating to be played, is for that moment where I didn’t know what to do…

The seventh note… is that note where you held my hand and played it with me…

The seventh note, is the note filled with peace, ringing with happiness, harmonizing with love and reverberating with a long lasting relationship played by two fated persons.

The eight note, is the one that completed the melody that brought up an orchestra, happily tied together.