“Oh wells” and “What ifs”

Posted: 12th March 2013 by yanenrogne in Life and philosophy
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"Oh wells" and "What ifs"

You will succeed. You will fail. You will love. You will lose.

I’ve had this on my mind for a while now and don’t know where else to put it so here it is.

The path of having “oh wells” instead of “what ifs” is not a straight path. It’s a path that is exciting. A path that leads to more fulfilling friendships than you know what to do with. A path that leads to more self discovery than anything you’ve ever done before. This path leads to you making connections that might change your life. This path leads to finding the girl of your dreams and falling in love. To looking in her eyes and saying “Man, she loves me, how cool is this?”

This path is also scary. This path leads to disappointment in who you thought people were and who you find out they really are. This path leads to disappointment in yourself, because you think you messed up by taking a chance. This path leads to losing friends that you thought you’d have forever. This path leads to getting your heart broken over and over again. This path leads to times where you wish you had never started, that you had just stayed in and said “nah, I’m gonna play some video games.”

This path is rewarding unlike anything else and unforgiving unlike anything else. This path will lift you up higher than you’ve ever been, and then knock you down to your lowest low. You will learn from your mistakes, only to make new ones. You will come so close to having everything you want, just to have it yanked away at the last minute. This path will show you what love looks and feels like. This path will teach you what loss and heartbreak is too.

You will learn what it feels like to be in total control of your life. What it feels like to have friends around you who would do anything for you. You will know what it feels like to have people in your life that love you for you.

There will be times where you feel like you have no control. That everything important to you is just out of reach. That you’re totally alone, no matter how many people are around. That there is something wrong with you, all because you made the wrong choice.

You will learn that you’re a human who makes mistakes, and that everyone around you is the same. You will know what its like to lose something so special to you because you were afraid. You will know the triumph when you get something you hold so close to your heart because you were brave. You will learn the sorrow and paralyzing heartbreak when you lose something that you have wanted for so long, even when you were brave, but because she was scared.

You will succeed. You will fail. You will love. You will lose. You will have more “oh wells” than you know what to do with. You will learn to forgive, to speak your mind, to be kind and nurturing, to be stern and forceful. You will find all that life has to offer. You will develop a character that you never knew was in you.

You will learn what it means to be a human being.


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