Reflection – Them and You

Posted: 12th November 2012 by desfel in Uncategorized
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A lot of people nowadays takes things for granted, making most actions, most principles, most values… Even people… Mundane and replaceable… It’s only when they’ve lost what they thought would always be present that they weep and think otherwise. There’s just a handful of people nowadays who knows where to place their love and truly cherish the little true items and relationships they have. While most people nowadays, just turn a blind eye to something or someone, deeming they can deal with it later, saying someone else can take their place.

Realize that you’re unique, that they are unique, that you’re special and that they’re special. No one is worth such a treatment, cherish them, they’re taking their time to bond with you, to laugh with you, to smile with you, to cry with you, to argue with you, to open themselves to you. No one is replaceable, once they come in your life, they’ve left something you’ll always remember, whether you want to or not, whether you know of it or not.

Everyone has something to offer, everyone has that special something that no one else has. But now… No one really wants to take a moment of their life to make way for them and instead… Look for doors that are easier to open and access… And close behind, the only way for the others to come in, missing on what they could’ve learn and experience.

Stop trying to get more than what you already have, take a time off and look behind you, look at those you’ve left behind and realize that they’re suffering as you’ve suffered, they’ve smiled as you’ve smiled. Yes, they are unique but they share a resemblance to you and that’s because those people are who… Made you who you are today.