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A Town of Incessant Rain

Posted: 8th July 2014 by desfel in Life and philosophy
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Ah… The sound of rain drops hitting against my room’s window soothes me… It’s been raining all day… All week… All month… For a strange reason, I don’t find this saddening at all, rather, I like this… Fitting for someone like me. I like it a lot because it helps me think, straighten out my [...]

Hello Yuu-kun, It has been a while hasn’t it? You must be wondering “Why a letter from her now of all times?”… Well, you’ll figure it out in a bit! I told auntie and uncle to give you this letter once you’ll come back home… If not, then you’ll probably never be reading this… I [...]

  « Attention!! » Cria le jeune homme en se précipitant vers une jeune femme qui se faisait attaquée par un monstre. D’in coup vif et rapide, il fendit son adversaire en deux avec son épée. Après avoir remis son arme dans son fourreau, il s’approcha de la victime et lui tendit la main pour [...]