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Hello Yuu-kun, It has been a while hasn’t it? You must be wondering “Why a letter from her now of all times?”… Well, you’ll figure it out in a bit! I told auntie and uncle to give you this letter once you’ll come back home… If not, then you’ll probably never be reading this… I [...]

There was once a young talented painter, famed for his paintings that shined happiness and love. Although his painting was really beautiful, only a few places would exhibit his art, Thus, only a few would come to know of him. Whenever he would show up to an art exhibition, people would praise him Yet, he [...]

Take My Time

Posted: 16th January 2012 by yanenrogne in Life and philosophy, Litterature
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Take my time… Take it all, I don’t really want it anymore anyways. Time is kind of worthless if you keep on using it for yourself, it loses all meaning. I’m certain you can make a better use of it, take me wherever you want and I will follow you. I’m not sure how to [...]