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Amurensis Translation

Posted: 3rd February 2015 by desfel in Uncategorized
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  Kanji / Romaji Literal / Interpretation この朱い雲は きっと春の終わりにも似て 幸せな思い出まで 私の中から 運ぶ夕闇が今 近づいても静かに佇む それはあなたの涙 止める事ができずにいた夏の日の。。。 星空に透けたガラス 指でなぞる星座は 秋には消え運命も笑って受け止める 澄んだ夜の色さえ忘れてゆくの 昨日の事さえ 寒い冬の眠りが どんな夢を見せる事があっても。。。 These crimson clouds surely also resembles the end of spring The happy memories until now stays deep within me As the dusk approaches, I stand still quietly Those summer days when I wasn’t able to stop [...]

A Town of Incessant Rain

Posted: 8th July 2014 by desfel in Life and philosophy
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Ah… The sound of rain drops hitting against my room’s window soothes me… It’s been raining all day… All week… All month… For a strange reason, I don’t find this saddening at all, rather, I like this… Fitting for someone like me. I like it a lot because it helps me think, straighten out my [...]

Letter of an Ephemeral Man

Posted: 4th May 2013 by desfel in Uncategorized
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This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Deadmen Letters

This entry is part 1 of 6 in the series Deadmen LettersYearning to be seen as more than a tool Longing to freed from being used I have finally unchained myself from those who can’t see me for nothing more than an object That… is what I thought… Have I known to not misplace my [...]