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Melody of Fate

Posted: 13th March 2013 by desfel in Uncategorized
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The first note, sounding like a newborn, is for the day we met The second note, ringing with signs of laughter, is for the times we had fun together The third note, echoing with happiness, is for when we became closer The fourth note, harmonizing with love, is for when we got together The fifth note, [...]

Inner Portrait – True Self

Posted: 26th November 2012 by desfel in Uncategorized
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I know that I’m hiding my feelings behind a mask Mean words to hide my kindness and me being embarrassed I fear the conclusion that it may bring I want to be honest, I want to show you how sincere I am Soon, I know that I’ll become transparent, easy to read Yet, I don’t [...]

Eternal Rest

Posted: 3rd October 2011 by desfel in Litterature
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To the day I’ll rest in peace Buried by the pressure of the silence’s serenity But, always pleading to obtain that agony, that well-being To the night I’ll rest in peace Leaving behind no memories Forgotten by everyone that I’ve met To the moment where I’ll rest in peace I’ll forever find The eternal rest [...]