Take My Time

Posted: 16th January 2012 by yanenrogne in Life and philosophy, Litterature
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Take my time…

Take it all, I don’t really want it anymore anyways. Time is kind of worthless if you keep on using it for yourself, it loses all meaning. I’m certain you can make a better use of it, take me wherever you want and I will follow you. I’m not sure how to express it properly but I could say that I feel like I’m buying money with money, like I’m trying to hydrate water, to freeze ice. It’s the same feeling I feel when we part ways, like I’m jumping back into that void of nothingness until you finally get ahold of my hand a draw me back by your side. How much blood will be shed, how much sand will flow until this merciless war end?


There once was two farmers trying to grow vegetables in the desert, both knew for a fact that vegetable wouldn’t grow in the desert but they also both really wanted to do this with a passion. One hoped it could rain, the other just sat back and watched. After a few months, the first one hoped that the sand would turn into fertile earth while the one still sat back and watched. The first one finally gave up and went somewhere else. What happened to the other guy? Did his vegetables miraculously start to grow?


Sometimes, you just can’t grow vegetables in the desert, even if you wish that some miracle happen, even if you sit back and do nothing. But this man never lost hope, every night he would wake up all sweaty just after he dreamed that something finally grew. During the day he looked peaceful, like if nothing particular was happening, but he was torn inside, so torn that he wouldn’t even dare to think about something else. He wasn’t obsessed by it, but when you’re in the desert trying to grow vegetables, the only thing you can think of is about said vegetables.

A few years passed, and finally something came out of the ground. It was a tiny green dot, trying to find the sun in between sand mounds. The man was all excited about this, it was a marvelous thing, he couldn’t have imagined it would be true, he even started to not believe his dreams anymore. But this time it was true, he approached it to make sure it was real, tears of joy rolled down his cheeks, he thought he finally made it. He wanted to take it out the ground to show it to everyone, to share his happiness, but he couldn’t. What if it would be the only crop to ever grow in this desert? He better let it grow more so it becomes a real and mature vegetable.

But the man was tired to wait, he was at the verge of impatience and couldn’t take it anymore. Even if he now saw that there was some progression, he couldn’t wait a few more years to see if it will grow more. He wanted to take action, but what could he do? There is nothing he can really do but wait, and hope.

That’s what he did, he hoped.

Tales of him still run on the lips of the townsfolk, coming with an interesting quote : “I may have lost patience a few times, but I never lost hope”. I really wish I could tell more about this story but that’s all I know about it, I’m still hoping for the best, wish me luck.