The Little Traveler

Posted: 26th January 2013 by desfel in Uncategorized
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I am a great traveler
Courageous, curious, great and ambitious
I left behind everything that I hold dear
My country, my home, my family
But most of all, my feelings for the one that I love
For only when I’ll return, I’ll tell confess my love

I am a great traveler
I cross through a country that reminds me of the summer at home
A hot summer, but not too hot
The children are laughing and running around the village
The adults are singing and inviting me to party with them
I only feel happiness and joy
This country taught me the joy of sharing one’s happiness with others

I am a great traveler
I took my first step into a country filled with colors
A pallet that reminds me of autumn
The people here are really calm but heartwarming
They greeted me with open arms
And they told me stories and tales of their homeland
This country made learn about the trust in others

I am a great traveler
I am suddenly attacked by the coldness of this country
The snow covered field that reaches out into the infinity
Reminds me of the harsh but exhilarating winter from home
The inhabitants here are really taciturn and cold
But as I get to know them, I found out that they are really kind
This country made me understand not to judge a book by it’s cover

I am a great traveler
After the cold, I find myself in a warm climate
Not hot nor cold, just perfect
Spring shows its colors
With the budding flower fields
The people here values a lot love
By offering me their most beautiful flower
They taught me that I should never make the person that I hold dear wait…

I am a traveler
Who can’t stop thinking about the one I left behind
Even though it was such a grand and extraordinary experience
Without her, it felt so long and lonely
So I decide to go back home
To be by her side

I am a traveler
I find myself in the country of love
The things that I learned here reminds me of
How much she made me happy
How much she made me smile
How much… I waited impatiently for that moment of that day where I’d see her…

I am a traveler
I went back to the country filled with snow
Hurt by winter’s kiss, soft yet hurtful
I am reminded of how I loved her small jokes
From those that made me laugh to those that hurt me
To show how much she cared, she’d take care of me
To hide how much she was embarrassed, she’d chastised me
I remembered how much it didn’t bother me
Since I cherished every single one of those moments

I am a traveler
Who once again sets foot in the calm country
The silence reminds me of how much she can say so many things
Only by her actions and by her eyes
The trust of the inhabitant reminds me of
Everything that she entrusted me with, her sufferings and her joys
Without any hesitation

I am a traveler
After crossing this hot country, I would be by her side
This soft yet unbearable climate
Reminds of how her smiles would fill me with happiness
A smile that shines as bright as this country’s sun
Useless to say that it made my heart race

I am a traveler
Here I am, back home…
I only have but her on my mind…

I could not find her…
She’s no longer here…
She’s gone…
Will I see her again one day?…

I should have told her my feelings before leaving…
I should have stayed by her side…
I should have…
I should… have…

Filled with sadness and despair
I realized that I am nothing more that a pathetic and weak coward…
I am not a great traveler…
I am just a little traveler who have gain nothing
But simply lost the person who he cherished the most…